Academic Collaborations

Western Digital participates in multiple collaborations with external organizations to provide Western Digital access to resources and knowledge that can be applied to improving current products, development of new technologies or products, and generate value from the data stored on our devices.

Academic Collaborations

Industry Consortia

Western Digital also participates in Industry Consortia, where the research projects funded are directed to challenges and opportunities that are targeted at the industry in general rather than the specific needs for Western Digital. Participation in consortiums is a crucial activity for Western Digital as a leader in our industry. Results from the consortium work are available to all of the members and sponsors of the research programs, which helps all of the participating companies to chart a course for internal technology development.

The work of the consortiums is primarily focused on investigation of new technologies that might someday be incorporated into products created by the members. Each member company must do their own evaluation of the research project to see whether or not it fits into their long-term plans for technology, and develop a path to implementation of the technology. Care is taken in selection of the projects to make sure they can benefit all member companies of the consortiums.



Western Digital has created an internship program where researchers from universities can join a team inside Western Digital to participate in a research project. Internships are designed to last a summer with the participants fully immersed in the project. Engineers and researchers within Western Digital must define a project that will fit the criteria of the internship program. The project scope and duration must be accomplishable within the summer program. The intern will work closely with a mentor while at Western Digital and is expected to conduct the defined project and complete a final report detailing the learning and outcomes resulting from the internships.

We believe that it is our responsibility to help developing engineers and scientists get a taste of what it is like to work in industry and help round out their education with some real experience.

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